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Meditation Workshop – 8 Week Series

$159 Full Series | $25 Drop-in | July 14th – Sept 1st | Fridays 12:30-1:30pm | with Caroline Schwarz (Yoga)

During this 8 Week Series, you will learn meditation techniques and how to utilize them in your everyday life. Sitting with yourself can be tough. Our bodies want to fidget, our eyes want to flutter open, and our minds want to continue our train of thought. When we practice guided meditation, sitting still starts to become easier! We focus on the voice of the teacher to take us deeper inside ourselves, and we start to become aware of the sensations of the body. If you are new to meditation, this is the perfect way to begin! Each week, you will be led through a guided meditation focusing on one chakra (energy center). You will begin to get in touch with all the layers of yourself. We will explore meditation throughout different restorative postures and sink in to the present moment. Come build your meditation practice and watch as it begins to transform your mind and outside world!

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