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Monthly Workshop Series

Partner Yoga – Deepen Your Stretch

$49 | Saturday 5/13/17 | 12-2pm | with Amanda Hills & Edwin Prado (Yoga)

Have you ever wanted to get a deeper stretch but felt you needed a partner to do so? Sometimes a little “push” from a partner is all you need! Amanda Hills and Edwin Prado will guide students through an hour Vinyasa Flow (one breathe, one movement) to warm the muscles, loosen the joints, and prepare the body for maximum stretch. Once warm, you will learn several partner yoga postures and explore how to properly align each posture. We will also discuss the benefits, modifications, and advanced options to each posture. Partner or No Partner. Come join the fun! Bring mom, the hubby, or a friend!


Yoga Acoustics™ Workshop

$69 | Saturday 6/03/17 | 1pm – 2:30pm | 3pm-4:30pm | with Christine Festa (Yoga)

Yoga Acoustics™ is a vibrational yoga experience. Imagine practicing yoga on a hand-crafted wooden board that is slightly larger than a yoga mat. The board is vibrating to frequency-infused music while you move. You have complete control over the amount of vibration you desire. By the time your practice is over, you feel calm and grounded. You feel as if you’ve had a massage therapy session and a yoga class at the same time.

Vibration & Sound Therapy:

– Improves flexibility, mobility & balance

– Promotes bone & muscle health

– Stimulates circulatory & lymph systems

– Feels damn good!

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